Is this an ongoing or a one time thing?  
Exchanges will happen throughout the year. The theme will change with every round. Each time there is a new theme, a new registration form will open and new groups will be created. 

How often do the exchanges occur?
Currently, the schedule is not set in stone, but we are aiming for at least once a quarter.

Do I have to participate every time?
Nope! If you're not able to join, no worries, just wait for the next round when you can. If you'd like to know when the next round opens, send an e-mail to chelsea@ebullientmarks.com. 

What about social media?  
You are welcome to showcase the art that you send or receive, but you MUST obscure the addresses to protect everyone's safety. Feel free to use the #thesnailmailinitiative tag to meet other participants. 

How much does it cost to join?
Free. Free. FREE! Sometimes the art world can feel like a "pay to play" gauntlet that can be prohibitive for many. The Snail Mail Initiative is set up to bolster relationships and spread some inspiration around without having to shell out big bucks. This being said, it is a volunteer led initiative, so please be kind as we get our feet under us. 

How much is postage?
A standard 1 oz. letter that isn't lumpy, square, or addressed in red ink mails in the USA for $0.55. Check with your postal carrier to see if your piece needs more postage. 

What if I've never done this before? 
Not a problem! We were all new at some point. Just give it your best shot. You're sending someone happy mail, hard to be upset about that. 

How is my information used?
Your information will be collected and sent only to members of your group so that they can get ahold of you if something pops up or they'd like to connect. It will not be used or sold for any other purpose For further questions, please e-mail chelsea@ebullientmarks.com